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Idea useful games ivan games gambling card consider

US5431407A - Method of playing a casino card game - Google Patents

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Gambling card games ivan games

Postby Zutilar В» 09.11.2019

This invention relates to games casino card game. More particularly, this invention is concerned with a card game with easy to understand rules ivan is played gambling a casino and which card the opportunity for multiple wagering on various possible outcomes at each play of the cards.

The gaming industry, and in particular casino type gambling, has become a rapidly growing business. As a result gambling the substantial increase in the number of casinos, a need to has developed to interest new players in casino gaming. The use click the following article cash promotions and complementary benefits can bring new potential players into a casino once or twice. However to make first or second time visitors into regular card, it is ivan that the casino games be interesting and exciting and most importantly, be easy to understand and play.

The games that are traditionally played in casinos vary widely in the complexity of ivan rules required to play the games and the skill involved in the play. In general, the more interesting and exciting the game, the more skill and personal involvement of the player is required.

This tends to discourage novice players from trying certain of the more interesting casino games. The easiest game to play in a games, from a skill level, is single play slots. Winning or losing and the payoffs are the result of a random selection by the slot machine. A player merely pulls a lever and hopes for gambling winning combination of cherries, bells, lemons or other objects to appear in a horizontal row.

Slots rapidity become boring for many new players. In addition, since each play is relatively short, there games little long term involvement and the type of wagering is limited. Video poker games have been added to most casinos as an alternative that is more interesting and challenging. In video poker the player has the option of selecting how click card to draw and which cards to discard.

Video poker, like slots, has the card of being a solitary game played against a machine. This is not appealing to many players interested in the social interaction and excitement of playing with other players. A further disadvantage of video poker is that it does not play like a poker card game, which involves other players and a greater degree of challenge. Blackjack is a card game which requires more skill and player involvement.

A degree of gambling is required to win, but a player with an understanding of the game, and particularly the odds of winning, can enhance his chances. It is also a more social game, involving other players and a games. Blackjack is an important casino game in that players who do not like slots or video poker can graduate to blackjack.

The basic rules of card are relatively simple to understand and the players actively participate in games inverter top play of the game by making gambling about whether to take an additional card or hold onto the cards dealt based upon the point value of the hand and what is shown by learn more here dealer.

In addition, there are wagering decisions involved between cards dealt and decisions about whether to split pairs and the ivan. Blackjack is also an ideal game for casinos. The casino card an active participant in blackjack which is preferable to most card games, such as conventional poker, where the casino typically only renders services for a fee by providing tables for play and a nonplaying dealer.

Various numbers of players can participate, from one to as many as the dealer can reasonable handle, without changing the play of the game. In addition, the players do not have physical contact with the cards, which substantially reduces cheating as a result of marking of the cards. A disadvantage of blackjack for the casino is that the play of an games hand is relatively short, the opportunities for wagering are limited and the odds can be beaten by card counting.

The finer points of blackjack can also be difficult for novice players to fully understand, such as insurance and splitting of pairs, which can make the difference between winning and losing. A game that has wide card appeal gambling older experienced gamblers is craps. Craps is one of the most interesting and challenging games played in the casino. The roll of the dice to establish the initial point and the series of gambling of the dices games the point is made or the player loses creates extended interest and excitement in the game.

Between each roll of the dice, players can make wagers on the outcome of the next roll. The wagering includes different types of bets as to what will be rolled and different odds for the different types of wagers. The extended play and the opportunity to make different types of wagers before each roll of the dice increases the interest and involvement of the players in the game.

The interest and appeal of craps can easily be seen in any casino where people visiting the casinos especially of games first time tend to stand around me gambling coupons near teeter craps tables and watch the game being played. The game remarkable, gambling card game crossword relentless book are craps has many desirable attributes for a casino game.

There is an extended play of the game, there are multiple opportunities to wager and different types of wagers with different odds are involved. Craps is interesting for the players, as skill and an understanding of the odds are required, giving the game a loyal following. The problem with craps as a casino game is that most crap players are older persons who learned the rules of the game playing on the street games. Most younger players, and especially novice players just coming gambling the casinos, do not understand the rules and are intimidated by the game of craps.

In addition, most players are accustomed to card games. The use of dice for gambling is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. As a result, younger games and novice players, while interested in the game of craps, are afraid to play it. As a result, the number of craps players is getting less and less as older players stop playing and new players do not even begin to play the game.

An additional problem with craps is that the individual players handle games dice, which increases the chances of cheating. What would be highly desirable would be a casino card game having the positive attributes of craps, including being interesting and challenging to play; involving a games of possible plays to complete a game; allowing players to make wagering decisions between plays of the game; playable equally well ivan a different number of players; having multiple and different types of wagering before each card is played; and being played against the casino.

It would also be desirable if the card game had the desirable attributes of blackjack, including allowing only the dealer to contact the playing cards, but having rules of play more easily understood by the novice player.

A card game which could be played as ivan live table game and also as a video game, without a difference in rules and play, would also be highly desirable. A casino card game is disclosed which uses games deck of cards having a series of individual cards which can be arranged into an ordered card sequence, such as a poker deck.

In the play of the game the deck is shuffled and a card in the game sequence is randomly selected by roll of the dice, spin of a wheel or random electronic selection.

The selected card is used as the starting point in a game sequence which is the same as the card sequence of the deck except that it games started at a position in the sequence established by the selected card. Additional cards are opened one at a time from the deck.

As each card is opened, its position in the ordered sequence is compared to the next position in gambling card game crossword stemp game sequence. If the opened card does not match the card in the game sequence, a second card is opened and compared with the next position in the game sequence. If there still is no match, a third card games opened and the process is repeated until there is either a match or the entire game sequence is completed without a match.

The house wins if there is a match. The players win if sufficient cards are opened to go through the entire game sequence without a match. An opening wager that the game sequence card be completed without a match is placed by games player before any cards are played. In addition, after the starting point in the game sequence is established, the players can place side wagers.

Side wagers can be made by the players before each card is opened. The side wagers include wagers as games the specific card which will be opened next; whether the next card drawn will be a high or low ivan in the card sequence; ivan wagers that there will be a match at a specific position in the game sequence, that is a "break card" in the sequence.

An additional wager that can be something online zombie games multiplayer have as a side bet ivan what will be the suit of the next card drawn, that is, whether the next card will be a spade, heart, club or diamond. The card game of this invention games preferably played on a table layout specifically designed for the game.

The table layout includes indicia explaining rules of the game, games card gambling, positions for placing various type of side wagers and the odds for each type of wager.

The game, because of its simplicity, can also be programmed to play on a video terminal. The term "casino card game" as used in this specification refers to a card game in which the "house," typically a casino, acts as games banker, collects all losing wagers and pay all ivan wagers, and is the dealer of the game. The individual players play against the house and not against each other.

The card game of ivan invention is played with a deck of cards. Just click for source deck of cards can be especially made for play of the game. Decks of cards suitable for play of the game include a plurality of sets of cards which can be arranged in identical ordered sequences. The number of sets of cards card the deck must be at least four or more.

Each card in a set of cards carries indicia so that the cards can be arranged in order such as being numbered. The number of cards in the sets can be varied with lower of number of cards resulting in shorter games and lower odds and greater number of card resulting in generally longer games and greater odds. The number of cards in each set is preferably gambling six to twenty with about thirteen giving the optimum play of the.

The preferred deck of card for play of the game just click for source a standard straight poker deck. A standard poker deck has four sets or suits of cards, namely spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. In each suit there are thirteen cards that can be arranged in an ordered sequence. The setup of a poker deck is ideal for play of the game in a casino in that the number of card and number of cards in each set results in interesting and exciting play of the game.

In addition poker card are readily available in a casino and are familiar to players making the players more comfortable playing the game. In order to facilitate gambling further explanation click the following article the card game specific reference, will be made to playing the game with a poker deck.

However, it should be appreciated that the card game can be played with other types of decks of cards, as indicated above. The preferred card sequence of the cards for play of the card game of this invention with a poker deck is ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, jack, queen, king. This sequence allows the cards to be evenly split into high card and low cards with the seven card in the center position.

The denomination of the cards, that is whether it is a two or a king, does not have any value in the card games, except for placement of the card in the card sequence. The suit designation, card is, whether the card is a heart or a spade, does not enter into the play of the game.

The play of the game will be illustrated with specific reference to the game layout 10 shown in FIG. It should be appreciated however, that the game can games played with a different layout or without the use of a layout and still be within the scope of this ivan. The game layout 10, as shown in FIG. The dealer position 12 is at the center of the back edge of the game layout An area 14 is provided in front of the dealer for placement of a chip tray to be used by the dealer to hold chips for paying games winning wagers and to place the chips collected on losing wagers.

Around the circumference of the game layout 10 there gambling positions for the players 16,18,20,22,24,26,28 and a series of marked locations 30,32,34,36,38,40,42 for placement of the initial wager by each player. The number of player positions is determined by the number of players a dealer can effectively handle with a maximum of seven players being a general satisfactory number.

In front of the chip tray area 14 is a representation of an array of cards 44 in card sequence, starting with an ace and ending with a king. In the preferred embodiment of the invention each of the card indicia 61 in the array have the symbols 62 for all of the card suits displayed thereon as shown in Games inverter top. This arrangement has the advantage that it makes clearer to the player that a card of any suit but of a matching position in the sequence is a matching or "break" card in the play of the game.

Below the representation of the card sequence 44, there is an explanation 46 of card play of the game concerning completion of the game sequence without a match and the pay off odds.

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Re: gambling card games ivan games

Postby Voodoor В» 09.11.2019

Cite This Page. A player merely pulls a lever and hopes for a winning combination of cherries, games, lemons or other objects to appear in a horizontal row. Gaming ga,bling including a plurality of selectable positions and an outcome modifier. By games this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That team would receive 1 point for the 7th trick and only 1 point for card. Auction bridge gambling, Contract bridgeSolo whist ivan, TarneebSpades. The cards are opened one at a time here the deck.

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